System Configuration Collector Windows client FAQ

For which version of scc-win is this FAQ?
Release: 1.8.11
Copyright (C) 2014-2015 QNH.

What to do when I find a bug?
Check the SVN repository at sourceforge to find out whether the bug already has been fixed in the latest code. When that is not the case, please refer to the support page of the website.

How is data collected?
Scriptomatic from Microsoft is used to produce the perl-code to retrieve all data from a WMI class. Then the data is inspected to determine which data is fixed and which data is variable. Together with a classification (network, boot, ...) this is added to the snapshot.

Why does SCC needs to run as administrator?
Being member of the local administrator group results in insufficient permissions for collection certain data. Therefore SCC need to "run as" administrator.

How are snapshots compared?
To compare two snapshots (current and previous run), all data whose classification start with 'fix' is extracted into two temporary files. These two files are compared by means of diff and the output is processed to indicate to which snapshot (old or new) each reported line belongs. The differences are added to the logbook.

Why does the data from a module appear twice in the snapshot?
This happens when you are modifying a module and kept a copy of the original module by appending some string to its name. The name of this file is considered a valid module name by scc-collect and it will execute the module, resulting in data from the original and modified module. To keep a copy of an original module, you better prefix the name with some string.

Why do I get the message: The Unsupported function alarm function is unimplemented at C:\Program Files\SCC\bin\
This message appears when an incomplete version of perl was used to run SCC. Make sure you use an up-to-date version of perl from ActiveState.

The program hangs, how do I know what it is doing?
Restart the program from the command line and add the --trace option. This will indicate each query that is executed.