Frequently Asked Questions

There are FAQS for scc, scc-srv and scc-win


Feedback, bug-reports and enhancements can be sent to


The project is registered at Sourceforge where forums and trackers are available and updates are announced.


Do not mix default and relocated installs on the same system, as you end up with more than one install.

Note that scc-win fails to find schtasks.exe when it is installed on a Win2K system. Install SCC on a more recent version of Windows and collect the data remotely from the Win2K system. Reported and tested by Markdmcbride.

Note that the upgrade of scc-srv on a server with many snapshots and realms can take quite some time as all summaries of all realms are updated by the new version of the software.

Note that scc-win hangs on Win2003 systems without local users. Hermann-Josef Beckers reported this. The users module should be removed when this happens.


When you need new modules to collect configuration data of specific hardware or software you are using, we can support you by implementing new features and additional modules in scc. Contact us concerning the conditions of the development of additional software.

We still have many new options for the development of scc and scc-srv left. You can support us, by sponsoring our development efforts. Contact us when you want to sponsor the development of scc and scc-srv.


We respect your privacy. We will not sell, distribute or in any way diffuse your email address. We will discard any example data you send us in the process of extending and debugging SCC.

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